Windsor River Road & Windsor Road intersection Improvements


The Project will improve the Windsor River Road at Windsor Road intersection traffic circulation, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and connect the Sonoma Marin Rail Transit (SMART) Multi-use Path to the Windsor Town Green Area.  The Windsor River Road and Windsor Road intersection provides access to the Town Center, commercial retail centers, and the future SMART transit center. The proposed project includes development of alternatives, which may include changes to intersection control or updated signalization, as well as the installation of a multi-use trail within the SMART right-of-way (ROW) would improve function of the intersection and create a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment. Implementation of the project would not require further construction beyond what is proposed. However, the bike path may be extended separately, as discussed in the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit 2005 Environmental Impact Report. 

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has identified a number of improvements that are needed with the return of rail service. The pedestrian crosswalks are required to be located to the outside of the railroad gates as well as other pedestrian crossing safety improvements. The uniqueness of the intersection with the railroad crossing diagonally through the center makes a roundabout solution a preferred solution (as stated by the CPUC) over a signalized intersection. The project falls within the Station Area/Downtown Specific Plan. The project is consistent with the Specific Plan goals and policies for pedestrian/bike connectivity and improved sidewalks/streetscapes. The project was evaluated in the ITS Pedestrian Safety Assessment.